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GREZ – Red Blend


GREZ 2018, a masterpiece from the renowned Tipaume vineyard, reflects the rich legacy cultivated by our family since 1996. Spanning 8 ungrafted hectares, our vineyard practices embrace high density and dry farming principles, void of irrigation. Evolving from organic cultivation to full Biodynamie, we earned the prestigious DEMETER certification in 2012, encompassing all aspects of our vineyard and winery activities. Our viticulture proudly stands pesticide-free, mirroring our commitment to crafting wines in a completely natural way.

GREZ 2018, a distinguished Red Wine, matures in integral oak barrels (20% new), weaving a blend of six varieties coplanted and cofermented with meticulous care: 60% Carménère, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Merlot, 3% Lacrima Cristi, 2% Viognier, and 1% Malbec. The skin maceration unfolds over 3 months, and fermentation gracefully concludes around Christmas, marked by unusually low temperatures.

Bottled in May 2019, limited to 2080 bottles, GREZ 2018 embodies the culmination of our dedication to craftsmanship and natural winemaking. All our wines undergo natural clarification, devoid of fining or filtration, potentially presenting a natural sediment that enhances the wine’s authenticity. To unlock the full depth of GREZ 2018, we recommend decanting whenever possible and serving at a temperature between 57-61 ºF. Immerse yourself in the distinctive terroir and craftsmanship of Tipaume with each sip of this exceptional vintage.

GREZ Red Blend (Tech Sheet)


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