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OWM Hand made


OWM Hand Made 2017

Our Grapes: Situated 15 km southwest of Santa Cruz, Colchagua, our vineyard resides in the “Panama Valley,” characterized by a distinctive microclimate that sets it apart from neighboring areas. The grapes chosen for this blend undergo meticulous selection from pruning onwards, with yield control at every stage.

These grapes are strategically situated on gentle slopes within the vineyard, emphasizing homogeneity over excessive growth. The predominant clay soils, interspersed with layers of coarse material, contribute strength and expression to the wine.

Harvest Process: To achieve optimal aromatic expressions and tannic structure, our grapes are meticulously handpicked and destemmed in a process lasting no more than five hours.

Fermentation: The fermentation process is entirely spontaneous, utilizing only natural yeast. Carried out in small vessels with an 800 kg capacity, the alcoholic fermentation spans 15 to 25 days.

Aging: Following the completion of alcoholic fermentation, the wine is gravity-moved into used barrels, where it matures for 24 months. The malolactic fermentation occurs within these French barrels, with the wine being moved at least twice for a thorough cleaning process post-bottling.

Barrel Aging: We maintain the wine in used French barrels (2, 3, and 4 times) for aging, without the need for filtration, allowing the distinctive character of the wine to shine through.

Tasting Notes: Intense ruby red color with violet hues; deep and inviting. On the nose, delightful aromas of fresh red fruits and spices create a delicate and harmonious bouquet. The palate offers a soft, juicy mouthfeel, characterized by round, silky tannins. The wine showcases a balanced structure with average volume, imparting an elegant overall profile.


STORAGE TIME Can be enjoyed now or cellared for 6 to 8 years for aging.

DRINKING TEMPERATURE 61°F in Summer 64°F in Winter

DECANTING Decant at least one hour earlier to allow for greater expression.

FOOD PAIRING Ideal with red meats, pastas, spicy dishes such as Asian cuisine, or a table of cheeses.

OWM Hand-Made 2017 (Tech Sheet)


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