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Moretta is the name of a French mask and one of the oldest designs from the Carnival of Venice. The woman wearing the mask had to remain silent, because the only way to keep the mask on was by biting a wooden or mother-of-pearl button positioned at mouth-level. Its elegance and femininity made it one of the favourite masks for Venetian ladies in the early 16th century.

We set up Moretta Wines with the goal of producing signature wines on a human scale that truly represent their terroir. These are characterful wines that reflect the place they come from and the hard work that goes into the whole production process from the vineyard to the bottle.

The identity and essence of the modern woman is reflected in Moretta and the hard work carried out during the production process, resulting in authentic and intense wines, emphasizing their natural attributes.

Our wines originate in the Maule Valley, with its old vines that are dry-farmed by small-scale producers. The project includes a small plot of land in Cauquenes, an area characterized by its gentle hillsides, deep soils and high presence of quartz. This is the place where we have found the quality and characteristics we seek to embody in Moretta Wines.