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The Project

Located at the very end of the fertile Santa Cruz valley, this is the work of two cousins, José Antonio Bravo von Bischoffshausen and Jaime Nuñez Sunkel. Whereas José Antonio puts forth his years of winemaking, having learned the trade at Concha & Toro, Kendall Jackson and many others, Jaime brings his deeply rooted love for vine caring. With soft, round tannins, and alcohol levels well below 14%, their elegant Bordeaux style blends greatly differ from the wines produced at the foothill of their estate, and thoughout the Santa Cruz valley.


The Winery

From their 4th generation estate, where they supply grapes for top wineries, they select the best for their personal project, and tend to them year long, taking advantage of their unique microclimate and their vicinity to the Pacific Ocean. Built from the traditional Chilean “adobe”, their mud brick cellar hosts their wine barrels, helping as a natural insulator to regulate the wild temperature swings of the area.


The Wine Making Process

The average vine age is 14 years old, planted on 3-5% slopes and at a density of 9000 vines per acre. They are hand picked, and in less than two hours from harvest, they are starting their maceration process. Using wild yeast, the fermentation takes place during 15 days, with soft remontage, followed by 23 months of 2-4th use oak barrels.